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Posted by on Apr 12, 2022 in Poetry | 3 comments

Dream Sonnet

Dream Sonnet I remember teacups rattled when the subwayrumbled beneath the sidewalk and a manwhose muse was dynamite stood highhis mouth ringed with fire and his hands...

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Posted by on Feb 17, 2022 in Poetry | 1 comment

airborne routes

airborne routes crooked shadows of branches on the snowgrow sharp in the glow of early sun, dawningmaps of roads that interlock the sky–nodes above and below the...

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Posted by on Jan 19, 2022 in Poetry | 0 comments


Undisclosed Their love is clothedIn the undisclosedThe wind is whippingHer scarf like a flagAnd he flies like a jayBlue feathers furrowed And her eyes are a roundGreen...

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