No Money No Time

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NO MONEY NO TIME No money no time The days aren’t mine. Sky that was solid Grows thin as pallid Congregants of cloud Couple and uncouple Above a crowd Of cornstalk stubble, Of golden rod And purple Asters, Milkweed pod And hay in pastures. Crimson hands of woodbine Thread the indelible sign.


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WATER FRONTIER Commerce and the Chinese in the Lower Mekong Region, 1750-1880 EDITED BY NOLA COOKE AND LI TANA This book of essays continues the pioneering work of economic history begun by Li Tana in Nguyen Cochinchina, which focused on the central region of Vietnam in 16th and 17th centuries. As with any book of [...]


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BEAUTIFUL SOUL By Joshua Corey Spuyten Duyvil, New York City, 2014 Joshua Corey is an accomplished poet, blogger, professor and literary critic. With Beautiful Soul, he adds novelist to his list of accomplishments. Corey struggled, publicly, with the seemingly rigid constraints of narrative writing. He has overcome these restraints, and embraced them as well, writing [...]


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Billy Cote, a great musician, artist and writer, now has a website: Please go to it and see the amazing stuff he’s been up to. His writing is hilarious and harrowing, as ecelctic and elemental as his music and art. Billy and I have been friends for some time, kindred spirits. It’s been my [...]


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Corn and Potato Hash Feeding 6 hungry 14 year old boys on Sunday was not an easy task. I threw meat at them, of course, and potatoes, and corn. I suppose it was actually easy, then, for quantity is always simple, provided you have the money and the time. But 14 year olds are not [...]


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WHY I WRITE IN RHYME: A MANIFESTO By Jon Frankel Because I like to.


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  THE AMBER BEAD As a bead of amber captures a fly So does the flesh of a peach Encapsulate my halcyon eye. The fly buzzes above weeping bark And watches the summer ooze, Harden, and grow dark. When one by one the cells ensoul And glow in the boreal sun, Why, he must have [...]


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The Broken Tooth I don’t know when a tooth will crack Although I know it will because I know what is becomes what was, For alongside a mansion stands a shack To crawl into when luck has burned The mansion down with all the staff. I don’t turn down the chance to laugh At winter [...]

In The Neighborhood: Emily Lisker

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This piece is from my old friend Emily Lisker, who lives in, and loves, Woonsocket, RI. Her blog and website are in my links. Go check out The Urban Mermaid, and read her pieces about cooking! Around the Block, Around the World Yesterday was a magical day. Father Dennis Reardon from All Saints Church came [...]


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A Summer  Dinner Yesterday was a summer day out of the movies. High blue sky, hot, sunny, and nothing much to do. I ran six miles in the morning, before the sun had topped the trees, so I could cling to the shadows. Later I picked my boys up from an afternoon baseball game and [...]

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