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  THE AMBER BEAD As a bead of amber captures a fly So does the flesh of a peach Encapsulate my halcyon eye. The fly buzzes above weeping bark And watches the summer ooze, Harden, and grow dark. When one by one the cells ensoul And glow in the boreal sun, Why, he must have [...]


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The Broken Tooth I don’t know when a tooth will crack Although I know it will because I know what is becomes what was, For alongside a mansion stands a shack To crawl into when luck has burned The mansion down with all the staff. I don’t turn down the chance to laugh At winter [...]

In The Neighborhood: Emily Lisker

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This piece is from my old friend Emily Lisker, who lives in, and loves, Woonsocket, RI. Her blog and website are in my links. Go check out The Urban Mermaid, and read her pieces about cooking! Around the Block, Around the World Yesterday was a magical day. Father Dennis Reardon from All Saints Church came [...]


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A Summer  Dinner Yesterday was a summer day out of the movies. High blue sky, hot, sunny, and nothing much to do. I ran six miles in the morning, before the sun had topped the trees, so I could cling to the shadows. Later I picked my boys up from an afternoon baseball game and [...]


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NETFLIX Seven seasons in seven days A child grows to hulking man, As abed I bathe in opiated waves Remote control in hand. Bad becomes good when pressed Into a wine and wafer of time That slips in easily between breaths And the ding, ding of the wind chime. Perhaps from Becoming I am divorced [...]


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21 First Avenue Once I lived in the dust of cockroaches The pipes clanked with hammers at night The bedroom was small and the kitchen tight And the view down the airshaft was atrocious This is where my first love spun its thread And wove two lives within its womb Down its single hall you [...]


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My book review of Howard Norman’s  NEXT LIFE MIGHT BE KINDER, a book I LOVED (the only kind of book I’ll review) is up on The Dooryard. Please check it out, and definitely buy the book.

Doris Marquit

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  Doris Marquit, my aunt, died Thursday evening after a short illness. Doris was married to my mother’s brother. That marriage did not end happily. In 1967 she visited us at our new house in Larchmont for the last time. It was my first experience of divorce. I did not see her again until 25 [...]


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MOTHER’S LITTLE HELPER What a drag it is getting old -Jagger/Richards Counting flowers on the wall, That don’t bother me at all. Playing Solitaire till dawn, With a deck of fifty-one. Smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo. Now, don’t tell me I’ve nothing to do. -LEW DeWITT The epidemic in opiate painkiller use is easy [...]


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Invisible Man Since I have mastered the art of the ghost No one can see me and I am happily lost. A hazard of light glazing a puddle, The edge of a shadow stuck in your eye, Or the wafting scent of morning toast Are more substantial than my sigh; I am less than the [...]

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