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Posted by on May 7, 2020 in ISLE OF DOGS, Sci Fi Noir | 0 comments

isle of dogs part one

ISLE OF DOGS PART ONE is now available for pre-order from Whiskey Tit Books:

I can’t believe I was working on this eleven years ago. It did not take eleven years to write of course, I worked on other books for a while, and then there was a good deal of procrastination, then for a while I worked steadily but only wrote a hundred pages a year, then a bit more. The break came in 2016 when I had shoulder surgery and was out on medical leave for four months. I had reached page 300 or something at that point. After a week of recovery I started to write every morning and soon got up to speed, completing the first draft of the whole book before returning to work, about a thousand manuscript pages, which I revised and then, back at work, started to crawl through in the evening again. There were a bunch of problems with the first two parts, which had taken years to write, so I needed a plan. In September 2018 I retired and executed that plan, finishing a final draft in May 2019, which I then nit picked until a few days ago. I am deeply indebted to a few early readers for pointing out problems, and for later readers, and most of all, Teresa, the proofreader. She was not only indefatigable, she had many questions and insights that made it a much better book. Having Part One in print feels great, what can I say. And Parts Two, Three and Four will appear in due course, while I work on Parts Five and Six, which will likely have their own titles, volume numbers, prefaces, acknowledgements and dedications. Many thanks and much love to all involved as readers and in production, especially of course Miette and Philip, friends and shepherds of extraordinary intelligence, patience, and diligence. Plus, they gave me the Oxford comma.

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