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Posted by on Jan 1, 2020 in Poetry | 2 comments

Poem for Peggy Billings

THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW for Peggy Billings

What did the woman in the window see
What stars did her dark eyes rest upon
Sleepless mind at the pane as it spun
Hands of the world receding, gone
Into the strong memory of the sun
Words dried to ink and a cup of tea
Moon above the curled grass and stubble
Of corn and soybean a luminous bubble
In the wreck of planets a bright ring sang
Nothing could contain that sharp eye
As she bowed down low to walk on the sky
Rising to the glass for this life’s circle rang
Out 90 years, closed the grain of this old tree.
The woman in the window is free.


  1. Beautiful poem, Jon. Thanks for sharing.

  2. many thanks for reading, Jethro. Happy Holidays. I’ve enjoyed your FB posts. –Jon

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