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Posted by on Apr 10, 2021 in Poetry | 2 comments

In My Room

In My Room

In My Room

I will go inside now
and keep going till I’ve found you.
All the rooms are empty,
someone’s moved or gone bankrupt,
a friendly dust on the floor
rust in the toilet. That’s how I know
where you are when I find you
in a bright parquet of sun and shade
colored by warped glass
a waver in the pane like a watermark,
the space around us bent
by the gravity of what has been, history
strewed in the path forsaken
by sorrow when I end up in this room
alone beyond the touch of reason.


  1. Love this one. Precisely descriptive of a perfectly fading dream.

  2. I am just so happy you are reading! Thank you.–j

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