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Posted by on Jan 31, 2020 in Poetry | 0 comments


I don’t give a flying fuck
But I‘ll give a flying fuck to you
Usually don’t but I will
And I’ll give a shit to you
Because I care I do
But prefer the flying fuck who
Wants a shit to give?
It doesn’t suck
This flying fuck
I give it cause I care
I could also give a fuck
A fuck that doesn’t fly
Or a flying shit now that’s
A thing to give I don’t know why
A thing that flies, like shit
We should not give perhaps
The problem is receiving it
A question here arises
Am I who give these things
A bird? A bird is flipped—
A sort of flying fuck
But birds themselves don’t
Fuck in air, the sky above
Is not for love but is a splendid
Place for shit to fly
I won’t lie the shit I give
The fuck I fly
These are the measure
Of my love and so I sigh
I give a fuck, I give a shit
I give a flying fuck for you


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