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Posted by on May 17, 2012 in other poets, Poetry | 4 comments

Emily Lisker and Nin Andrews

My old friend Emily Lisker, a great artist, painter, illustrator, saxophonist and writer, is collaborating with the poet Nin Andrews, who is posting poems inspred by Emily’s paintings. You can find them here: Emily’s website is in my links, and once there you will find links to her paintings, or read her great recipes. Emily and I have been friends since high school. Incredibly, we go decades without meeting, but have been corresponding by mail, and now email, for 30 years. Whenever I give up hope, for art, for the country, for life and the world, she reminds me that art, and love, and doing stuff (swimming with dogs in a cold pond, making rhubarb sauce, watching the neighbors fight),  are in some way redemptive. The decision to live a life of art and thinking, instead one of servitude and acquisition, is the right one, no matter how insanely stupid it sometimes feels. And she lives in a great big wreck of a house, just like I do.


  1. Thanks Jon!!

  2. Thanks Jon!

  3. Hey Jon, How are you? How is the family? What is your email these days? Mine is the same!

  4. We’re good, Emily. Same email. How are you doing?

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