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Posted by on Nov 14, 2020 in Fiction, GAHA: Babes of the Abyss, ISLE OF DOGS, Sci Fi Noir, The Last Bender, The Man Who Can't Die | 0 comments




Isle of Dogs is Volume Two of Drift, a multivolume saga set in a world that was first described in the novel The Man Who Can’t Die (Whiskey Tit, 2016). It is the immediate prequel to the first volume in the series, GAHA: Babes of the Abyss (Whiskey Tit, 2014). GAHA takes place in Los Angeles, in the years 2540-2543. Isle of Dogs takes place mostly in New York and surrounding areas and begins in the year 2500 with the birth of Sargon 4, a character introduced in GAHA. Note that the publication order is not the order in which the books should be read. Isle of Dogs is divided into four parts of approximately equal length.


While in most respects Isle of Dogs is a stand-alone novel, it is assumed by the author that the reader will have read GAHA first. The Man Who Can’t Die, set in 2180, has many more details about the world from which Drift arises, a world devastated by climate change and the political, social, and individual responses to that disaster. But it is not necessary to read that book to understand the action of GAHA and Isle of Dogs. Future volumes will complete the story of DRIFT.

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